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Late August 2018, the idea for this podcast landed in my entire organism like a minor meteorite crash. I was attending "The Good Life Project Camp" in upstate New York which covered entrepreneurship and personal growth. For quite some time I have had a strong feeling that the positive stories around birth are missing. The women I met at the camp helped me articulate this mission of mine.

There are as many stories about childbirth as there are women. As a midwife, I know that not all births are neither positive, nor easy or empowering experiences.

In this podcast the focus will be on having heart-to-heart conversations about the positive and empowering aspects of giving birth, and about the superpower all women hold inside. I will focus on how you can find that power during your preparation for birth, and how tapping into that power during birth can - and will - make all the difference for you.

Listening to other women talking about their positive and empowering experience, is a strong and powerful way to prepare for birth. “What wires fires”, and from the bottom of my heart and soul, I am absolutely convinced that we need to feed our brain with these stories. This will for sure help in finding that inner voice that will guide you during the birth of your child.

And birth truly matters. We carry our birth experiences with us through life, and it takes time to heal from a less good experience. We are worth that investment of time and preparation that we need to enhance the chances for a good experience. Knowledge is power.

I had quite a few sleepless nights, thinking about my idea of doing this in English, but I have been absolutely certain from the start of this project. It is not only women in Sweden who need to hear other women share their positive stories about birth - there is a huge universal need to do so.. So bear with me in this mission of mine to let the power around birth be passed forward to all women.

Many of the episodes are recorded in my home in "Gamla Stan" - the Old Town - of Stockholm and in the spring of 2019 I did a roadtrip to the US. 

Welcome to the Positive Birth Story Podcast. With women, for women.

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I am a Swedish midwife, health care entrepreneur and proud mother of three children ages 14, 17 and 20. 


A long as I can remember, childbirth among all living creatures of this earth, has fascinated me. As a young woman, I already had my mind set on becoming a midwife.


To become a midwife in Sweden, you first need to become a trained nurse. The system for maternity care and child birth in Sweden is run by midwives. That means, that if you have a healthy and low-risk pregnancy and birth, you will be taken care of only by a midwife. Midwives attend to all low-risk pregnancies and births, and you will only see a doctor if any complications occur. The way Sweden view and handle pregnancy and child birth is the reason to why we have one of the worlds lowest mortality rate for mother and baby during pregnancy and childbirth. I am very proud to be part of this system of knowledge surrounding safe pregnancy and childbirth with midwifes and doctors working together, with great respect for each others competence. Pregnancy and childbirth are viewed as healthy and natural and processes, and the aim is to intervene only when called upon.


2005 I finally reached my goal and started working as a midwife. For many years I worked at Northern Europe’s largest delivery clinic in Stockholm, and had the opportunity to meet many strong and brave women during birth itself and the first postpartum days. During these years, I was part of a multidisciplinary teacher team that trained fellow doctors and midwifes in advanced neonatal resuscitation. I also studied obstetric acupuncture, and achieved a diploma for using acupuncture during birth as a way of reliving pain and allowing the woman's body to relax. 


After a couple of years, I added birth preparation classes to my profession - something that very soon became a true passion of mine. I found that women with the right kind of preparation, had a much better chance of having a positive experience from giving birth. It was like I could pass on my wisdom and knowledge about birth to be used by the woman herself during birth. How empowering and cool is that?

As a healthcare entrepreneur in Sweden, I run a company called Babygruppen that provides a wide range of birth preparing classes in Stockholm. I also host two podcasts already "Gravidpodden" (about pregnancy) and "Babypodden" (that covers most of everything around the baby’s first two years). You can find them in the Swedish version of the Preglife app.

In The Positive Birth Story Podcast, I welcome you to a world of wonderful talks about birth. The women in this podcast are my superheroes, and I am forever grateful for the trust they have given me in sharing their very personal stories and thoughts about birth and womanhood. I salute you!

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